Masters' Association of
Metal Finishers
MAMF 100th Anniversary Celebration

Come celebrate with us!
Workers’ Compensation (WC) and State Mandated
Disability Benefits (DBL)!
RMPG our partner in providing New York Workers’
Compensation coverage to many of our NY
members.  We encourage our NY members to take
advantage of one of the most competitive WC plans
offered.  Established in 1991, the MAMF Safety
Group has provided discounts and dividends to our
members along with expert consultation on matters
of payroll audit and claims oversight.  

RMPG has enhanced its product menu to include all
states Workers’ Compensation and statutory
Disability Benefits as well as a variety of enhanced
medical and wage loss benefit packages at
competitive pricing. Obtaining your coverage
through RMPG not only will save you money but
will also benefit our association.

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