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The Masters’ Association of Metal Finishers (MAMF) works to educate, foster leadership, and promote the general welfare of the metal finishing industry including offering opportunities to join with fellow surface finishers with the same desire to gain new knowledge, share interest, address challenges and achieve goals. Your membership not only provides you extensive benefits close to home but also connects you with our national umbrella organization, the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF), for additional support, insight, events, and information crucial to help your business thrive.

Why National Affiliation?

Recent studies have shown that federal regulations have been costing the U.S. economy more than $2 trillion per year or more, with the cost of environmental health and safety regulations estimated at more than $420 billion per year. More than 37,000 federal regulations have been imposed on American citizens and businesses in the last decade and, according to Regulatory Agenda releases, this pace is not slowing. Small manufacturers with less than 50 employees are often hit the hardest, paying nearly $35,000 per year per employee just to comply with these regulations.

As a small local organization, the MAMF can focus on bringing opportunities to network, learn and strategize with fellow industry professionals. But it is with our affiliation with NASF and their national lobbying organization that we can hope to have a stronger impact on the regulatory climate. Not only do you have a direct line to the latest technologies and industry best practices, but you also have the resources through NASF representatives to challenge excessive and burdensome regulations that influence the future of your business.

Is MAMF Right for You?

The benefits of NASF membership apply to all sectors of the surface finishing community. Job shops, captive shops, suppliers and consultants alike can benefit from MAMF Chapter membership. Members can get involved by participating in the both local and national events, webinars, training courses and additional resources available through local and national websites. Take advantage of this chance to gain access to insightful information that can be tied back directly to your business.

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