The NASF Chapter Meeting at SURFIN 2017

About NASF


NASF advances the industry’s interests by playing a strong leadership role in industry promotion, training, science and technology, and government affairs.

Marketing and publicity measures keep all of our members and partners informed. We believe these efforts not only increase our value to our members but enhance the viability of the industry as well. We work with allied industries and partner with associations and companies in the automotive, aerospace, energy, chemicals, appliances and other manufacturing sectors, and actively shape major policy decisions that impact the finishing community. NASF channels its communications efforts through a wide variety of digital and traditional formats such as monthly industry bulletins, regulatory alerts, and economic updates. Our website is continually updated with important information on all promotional programs, national and chapter events, as well as extensive educational opportunities available to our members.

Members rely on NASF to maintain and condense a strategic view of the industry in an effort to strengthen their knowledge, skills and business.


NASF is a trade association representing a connected community of business, technology, education and advocacy leaders in surface finishing. By becoming a NASF member, you gain powerful representation that works for your interest, the industry and your market. Members have access to vital resources necessary to remain competitive both professionally and personally.

Although millions of everyday essentials are “finished” with some form of coatings technology, surface finishing processes and chemistries are often not well understood and appreciated for their vital role in manufacturing. Through the Surface Technology Initiative, NASF shows how its members contribute to the nation’s productivity, quality of life, safety and security by making products that last longer, look better and perform in ways that would otherwise be impossible. We also provide members with tools to be actively involved with the organization. Our national and chapter events, extensive educational courses and promotional partnership programs are just some of the many options available to get you and your company involved.

The most effective way you can remain on top of emerging trends and issues in the increasingly global finishing industry today is by joining the NASF.


NASF is dedicated to supporting its members through numerous programs throughout the year and relies on its members and industry partners to help it succeed.

Participation in NASF and its local chapters helps build and maintain valuable relationships and increases your knowledge. NASF social media networks allow members to easily connect and collaborate with peers and experts through threaded discussions, blogs and both public and private groups. Members also have the chance to make new connections; engage with colleagues; and learn at the industry’s most dynamic and highly regarded training sessions, conferences and educational programs. In addition, NASF posts articles and holds webcasts where members gain new insights into the industry.

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Leadership Conference
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